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Why should I use Learning Styles?

  • It works! – The Dunn & Dunn Model is one of the most extensively tested learning-styles systems to date backed by 40+ years of quantitative, qualitative and experiential research, with over 850 studies conducted by 135 universities worldwide.  The learning-style model has worked repeatedly for children and adults of all ages.
  • It is comprehensive – The Dunn & Dunn Model is one of the most comprehensive, identifying both biological and developmental attributes.  Currently, ELSA, LSCY and LIVES assessments measure twenty (20) elements that either hinder or stimulate learning.  BE, our adult assessment, measures twenty-eight (28) elements that influence either positively or negatively, workplace learning and performance in education and business settings.why_join_guy_celebrate
  • You will see immediate improvement – When matching teaching style to students' predominant learning strengths, joy for learning and improved behavior and test scores become immediately apparent.
  • It is inexpensive – For only $5 per person (the approximate cost of a designer coffee that has an effect for hours), one gains insight into a lifetime of benefits.
  • It is more convenient than ever – From purchasing to survey administration and from individual and group student reporting, you will find it all online.
  • You receive free online help and advice – Learning-style experts and teaching peers from around the world are available to answer your questions in our online community.

Who will benefit?

Teachers Icon Teachers who are looking to increase students' academic test scores, behavior and attitudes toward learning
Employers Icon Employers who want their employees to improve performance, communication and teamwork to name a few
Parents Icon Parents who are interested in helping their children at home and at school when studying and working on assignments
Anyone Icon Anyone who wishes to optimize his/her learning and working environment at home, at school or in business settings

What is available to you...

Community Icon An online community of learning-style practitioners and researchers from around the world
Assessments Icon Online assessments providing immediate availability of profile reports and various group administration tools
Training Icon Teacher resources including online implementation links and staff training options
Books Icon An online store offering a variety of products including implementation manuals, books and games
Research Icon Information including news, events, experts' advice, articles, research studies and access to worldwide ILSN Centers

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