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At this time we are unable to offer discounts for the assessments.  Currently, all assessments are $5.00 each.
We do not offer paper and pencil versions of the assessments.  All questions are answered directly online.  Results are calculated and reports are generated immediately, so no need to mail in paper copies.  Assessments may be taken anywhere there is an internet connection.
Purchase ELSA Licenses (Ages 7-9, U.S. Grades 2-4)

Purchase LSCY Licenses (Ages 10-13, U.S. Grades 5-8)

Purchase LIVES Licenses (Ages 14-18, U.S. Grades 9-12)

Purchase BE Licenses (Ages 17 and Older)
  1. Proceed to the Shop section of this site.
  2. Select the age-appropriate assessment.
  3. Click the purchase now button.
  4. Complete the order form.
  5. Enter the number of licenses you would like to purchase.
Proceed to the Shop section of the site and select the assessment you would like to purchase. When you begin the ordering process, you will be asked if it is for an existing or new school. When placing an order for the first time, choose new school. When purchasing additional assessments (licenses), a dropdown menu of school accounts will automatically be displayed. If you are not the original purchaser of the account but wish to purchase licenses for an existing account, there is also an option to purchase using the Account Code for that account.
Your account and assessments are available to you indefinitely; they do not expire.
You may order any number between 1-2000 assessments/surveys.  If you require more than 2000 assessments, please contact us.
The cost is $5.00 USD per assessment. The total cost is calculated automatically based on the number of assessments purchased. One assessment is equal to one license. The total number of licenses purchased and used may be tracked in the administrative section of the site.
You may pay by credit card, purchase order, check, or wire transfer.
All assessments are taken directly online and therefore there is nothing to be shipped.  You may begin using your assessments immediately after completing your purchase.
We do not have a release date at this time.  When OPALS is available, there will be an announcement on the web site.
ELSA Elementary School Ages 8-9, Grades 3-4
LSCY Middle School Ages 10-13, Grades 5-8
LIVES High School Ages 14-18, Grades 9-12
BE® Adult Ages 17 and Older

Typically we are not given details about why credit cards are declined.  Here are a few things you might do:

1. Confirm that your card is a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card.

2. Be sure you are entering the name that appears on the card EXACTLY as written.

3. Be sure to enter the correct billing address that is associated with the card.

4. Check the numbers and expiration date

5. If all information has been entered correctly and you still have difficulty, then you will need to contact your card company for further assistance.  Perhaps the spending limit has been reached, or the card holder needs permission to continue with the purchase.

6. Try using a different credit card

7. If you cannot find a solution, then select another method of payment or contact us at [email protected] to make payment arrangements.  DO NOT send credit card details via e-mail.